Gangrel Talks About MMA Star Possibly Switching to Professional Wrestling

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Gangrel Talks About MMA Star Possibly Switching to Professional Wrestling
Gangrel Talks About MMA Star Possibly Switching to Professional Wrestling

Gangrel is a very popular MLW star and he spoke about an MMA start possibly switching to professional wrestling on Wrestling Inc. Daily. According to Gangrel, the MMA start is already training with him. Gangrel is a performer, but he also trains professional wrestlers.

He is currently working with 2 female MMA stars right now. One of them is Paige Van Zant, who is currently an AEW star. However, he did not reveal the name of the other female MMA star that he is training.

Gangrel Talks About an MMA star Speaking

“Yes, one of them is Paige Van Zant, although she’s ghosted on me for a few days,” he said.

“But she’ll be back in the mix. She’s definitely one of them. Then there’s another lady, I don’t think I can mention her name yet until she gets out of the contract she’s in right now. But she definitely looks like she’ll be popping up somewhere, one of the big companies soon”.

Gangrel revealed details about Paige’s training. Gangrel revealed that he is pretty impressed by the way Paige has been training. Gangrel believes that Paige will be a great addition to the AEW. “I think she’s taken to it well, she’s extremely athletic,” he said.

“She’s a gymnast, a ballerina, and heck, anybody that can place second, runner-up on Dancing With The Stars has got to be coachable. Plus she’s a fighter, a bare-knuckle fighter. So, she’s tough, she’s pretty, she’s agile, and she can flip.

I think she’s going to do just fine in AEW”. According to Gangrel, the other MMA star that he is training is actually more passionate about wrestling, even though Paige is adapting really well. “Out of the two, I am going to say that the girl I am training today is more passionate than her.

Paige is just so extremely talented,” he stressed. “I’d hate to go out on a limb and say it’s business, but I don’t feel the same passion that the girl I am training today has. But no, she’s passionate.

To give up and walk away from her other career, she’s definitely passionate about it and stuff like that”. Gangrel is a former WWE wrestler. However, since leaving the WWE, he has never expressed interest in returning to the company again and is quite happy fighting on the independent circuit.


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