Tony Khan on potential new names in AEW and ROH

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Tony Khan on potential new names in AEW and ROH

My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox had an interesting guest Tony Khan. One of the topics was CM Punk and ROH “That was awesome, that was awesome to sit there with Punk and have that moment with him,” he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“It meant a lot to be able to go back into his locker room a few weeks prior to that and tell him that it was going to happen. He was one of the first people that I ever mentioned it to in pro wrestling. That I was looking to buy Ring Of Honor, and that it was probably going to happen.

“His reaction in real life was probably even more choked up than it was when we were talking to the media. But that was really how he felt. And I know the history of Ring Of Honor means a lot to Punk”.

Bryan Danielson

Of course, Bryan Danielson and his possible arrival at ROH were also mentioned “Danielson is not such a sentimental guy.

Danielson is much more of a jerk than people thought before he came to AEW. Now you’re seeing his real personality, I think,” Khan said. “But, Bryan Danielson and CM Punk are two of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

I would love to see them lock up at some point in AEW. “In Ring Of Honor, I think we would have to wait and see. There may be a time where it would make sense for them to come, I think we have a lot of great stars in Ring Of Honor right now, and a lot of great stars in AEW.

So, I couldn’t promise that but I think there may come a day where it would make sense for all the stars of AEW, and all the stars of Ring Of Honor to come together as one, and have a big event. “But we will see when that time is, but, I wouldn’t count on seeing Punk and Danielson on every show. But at some point, it might make sense, you know? That’s something I am excited about as a possibility”.