Hangman Page reflects on his character

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Hangman Page reflects on his character

At 'Insight with Chris Van Vliet', AEW heavyweight champion, Adam Page aka Hangman Page talked about the character he plays in the ring, his mentor when it comes to wrestling and which AEW match he is most proud of.

On the character that Hangman Page plays in the ring: "All I really am is what everyone sees when I go into the ring. It's very weird and hard to do, but it's also very cool. That's me and I've never been a person."

Hangman Page talks about his character

On when Hangman realized he could make a living from wrestling: “When I started with ROH, I wasn't working in the world of wrestling yet and it took some time for it to become a real job.

I taught during the week and I fought on the weekends, and then the money started to rise. Once I knew I was joining the Bullet Club and starting touring with New Japan, I knew I had a future in that world. I wasn't earning enough.

In Japan, I received some sort of salary. It was April or May. So I finished the school year and I told them that I would finish." On mentoring him in the wrestling world, Adam Page said: “I don't think I've had a mentor.

I would say I admired the Young Bucks a lot while in Japan. So I learned a lot from them somehow and from Kenny Omega, but I've never had a real mentor in wrestling." On his best match in AEW: “My sixty minutes with Bryan Danielson were probably incredible.

Especially since I've been fighting for sixty minutes and it's not easy. I thought I was going to die. Sixty minutes is a long time to do anything. I thought I wouldn't have done it there. Other great matches I've had are against Kenny Omega for the title win and against the Young Bucks.

These are my three best matches." At AEW Full Gear, Hangman Page won the AEW World Championship by beating his former tag team partner Kenny Omega. The victory comes after his constant failed attempts to secure the world title.

He took paternity leave in August. 2021. In another interview with Brian Campbell on the State of Combat, Adam Page mentioned he had heavily considered signing with WWE, but it ultimately didn't feel right. "That was an option for me at one point.

It was something for me that I heavily considered, but you know, it didn't feel right for me at that time, and I really couldn't say enough how pleasant everyone was to deal with the talks and negotiations," Page said.