CM Punk has found a new opponent

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CM Punk has found a new opponent

During the last episode of Dynamite aired on Wednesday night, AEW patron Tony Khan had the opportunity to make a sensational announcement, together with the president of New Japan Pro Wrestling and together with Adam Cole, who took the trouble to announce it to the whole world what was happening between Tony Khan and the president of the Japanese federation.

After literally stealing the show, Adam Cole announced that on June 26th, AEW and NJPW will stage a PPV together, with the Superstars of both world promotions taking part in the event, for the first time in history. of the two companies.

Obviously, the importance of this announcement is maximum, since fans of both companies will thus be able to see matches that otherwise would have been impossible to see elsewhere, or in other contexts. After seeing the WWE go and invite the IMPACT Wrestling champion to the Royal Rumble, with Mickie James entering the royal brawl complete with the IMPACT title, now the AEW has even organized an entire ppv entirely dedicated to the opening of the famous Forbidden Door and hence the name of the PPV.

Long before CM Punk showed up in AEW, the 'Best in the World' had a short stint on WWE Backstage as a special contributor and analyst. Renee Paquette, the host of the short-lived show, took us behind the scenes of CM Punk's first return to the wrestling business.

In the last few hours, the first match for the PPV seemed to have started, with an old acquaintance of the WWE who wanted to challenge CM Punk with very few words, for the PPV in question.

CM Punk is an AEW star

We are talking about KENTA, the current NJPW wrestler, who in WWE worked under the name of Hideo Itami from 2014 to 2019, trying to climb the NXT hierarchies quite in vain.

With a tweet that came like a bolt from the blue, KENTA tried to convince both companies of the Forbidden Door ppv to have their match against Punk, with the two having the almost identical finishing move. The few words, but well-directed by KENTA were in fact: The two acronyms are in fact the acronyms of the two finishers, namely the Go To Sleep, which CM Punk hasn't done for a few years, with KENTA who's, instead, continued to do it in the rings of Japan, before arriving in the WWE rings and starting to do it there too.