Eric Bischoff Speaks About Tony Khan’s Success

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Eric Bischoff Speaks About Tony Khan’s Success

Eric Bischoff is the former AEW President and he spoke about Tony Khan’s success. Eric has been openly criticizing AEW over the past few months just like many other wrestling critics and famous wrestling personalities.

Even though Tony and Eric have public differences, Eric stated that he is impressed by Tony Khan’s success so far.

Eric Bischoff Believes AEW is Successful for Being a New Company

“It’s not relatively new, it’s extremely, it’s a newborn baby in terms of its lifespan if you compared it to a human.

He’s made tremendous progress in a very short period of time,” he said. “And I don’t know how anybody can look at that trajectory and not recognize that as being pretty damn cool, and be impressed with it”.

Eric also stated that it is quite difficult to differentiate AEW and WWE as a company. According to him, there are not many differences between the two companies now. “AEW, the company as a whole is going to have to define, at some point, the vision,” he said.

“What makes AEW different than WWE? You can talk about it, you can kind of create a narrative about it. But when you look at the show, when you look at AEW and you look at WWE. “If you’re not in the weeds and in the dirt sheets, living on the internet spending half a day on Reddit, how would you describe the difference between those two shows? I think that’s really hard to do right now”.

Eric stated that Tony has his head in the dirt sheet fans and he will need to get his head out. “On a personal level, I think Tony has got his head plugged into the dirt sheet wrestling community far too much. When you produce a show, especially like wrestling, you need to know who you’re audience is,” Eric Bischoff said.

“And you need to know who you want to be your audience, you have to grow your business. You can’t just keep serving the same hardcore, dirt sheet wrestling fan psychology, and mentality, and expect to grow your business.

You want to get up to 1.5 and be really competitive with RAW, or SmackDown? Guess what, you’re going to have to take that million, give or take, viewers that you have every week, and grow that by 50%, or 75%, or 100% in order to be truly competitive. I don’t see that happening, because I think Tony is dirt sheet booker of the year, two years in a row”.