Thunder Rosa Speaks About Her Future at AEW

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Thunder Rosa Speaks About Her Future at AEW
Thunder Rosa Speaks About Her Future at AEW

Thunder Rosa, the new AEW Women’s Champion, appeared on the MackMania podcast. Over there, she spoke about Tony Khan. Rosa stated that she trusts Tony Khan and his vision for her. “He listens, and when you make sense, he will listen to what you have to say,” she said.

“Sometimes I feel people might think, ‘why is he doing that?’ And I see that a lot on the internet, you guys have to believe in his vision, it is what it is. That’s one of the things that I have learned about him.

Everything that he’s done from when I first started to now, I left it up to him. “The build-up on the Light’s-Out match, and now, to having the match in San Antonio, that was great. I never went in and said, ‘no, I want to do this,’ it was, ‘I see your vision, and I’m going to make sure what you see is what you’re going to get.’ That’s what I said, and I made sure that I did everything in my power to do that, and I will continue to do that as a champion”.

Thunder Rosa States That She Trusts Tony Khan with Her Future

Thunder then stated that she would definitely like to work with Sarita in the future as that would be her dream professional wrestling match. According to her, AEW sees a lot of similarities between Sarita and her.

“She is in Mexico currently, and she is an inspiration for me to start becoming a professional wrestler, Sarita, or Sarah Stock. She was a trainer,” Thunder Rosa added. “I am working on some stuff, be patient.

She is just one of the most talented female wrestlers I have ever seen. Her style is just remarkable, she worked in Mexico for so long, and she worked in America. She reminded me a lot of me, she went made a career in Mexico where she learned Spanish, she learned the trade over there, and she was a superstar in CMLL.

It’s like me, I moved from Mexico to America, I learned American, all that stuff, and I became a star in the United States. I learned the language, too. There are so many similarities, and I have a lot of respect for her”.

Thunder Rosa Aew Tony Khan

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