Women in AEW continue to grow

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Women in AEW continue to grow
Women in AEW continue to grow (Provided by Wrestling World)

During the very latest episode of AEW Rampage which aired Friday night in the United States, current AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill reached a new milestone in her career. In fact, she challenged former WWE wrestler and MMA fighter Marina Shafir for the title, after the two bothered for a few weeks, with Jade provoking her more than anything else in words, and Marina instead in deeds.

Even if the feud did not arouse particular interest in AEW fans, who even during Marina's last match were not at all warm, for Jade it was still an important match because not only did she keep the belt firmly at her waist, but has achieved 30 wins and zero losses since his debut in Khan's company.

Women grow up in AEW

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley and AEW star Buddy Matthews were seen training together at a gym. The Nightmare recently turned heel on Liv Morgan after the duo lost a tag team title match to Sasha Banks and Naomi on RAW.

Ripley's fans are quite excited to witness her dark side on the main roster in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, let's talk about another AEW star, Britt Baker. When we talk about Britt Baker, we have to talk about the initials that follow her name: D.M.D.

Do you know what it means? D.M.D means Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry and thus relates to the real-life work of Britt Baker, who is a dentist. In fact, the wrestler had finished her studies as a doctor during the first period of training to be a wrestler too.

To continue her studies she had also given up her dream of performing in WWE, because apparently, according to an interview she had given, they would not allow her to do both, so after several tryouts, she was not taken by the company.

And since her first job has now mixed well with her second job, Britt Baker decided to register for D.M.D.