Joey Janela Speaks About Leaving AEW

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Joey Janela Speaks About Leaving AEW
Joey Janela Speaks About Leaving AEW (Provided by Wrestling World)

Joey Janela is a popular indie wrestler and an AEW Star. He recently spoke about leaving AEW. His contract will expire this Sunday. Joey joked that he would spend the money that he earned from his stint at AEW on lobster. “Sunday my AEW contract expires, & I have the same car I had in 2019 before it started.

Got me thinking what the f–k did I spend my money on? I spent it on f—-ng lobster, lots and lots of f—-ng lobster aka Did my first contract absolutely 100% correctly!!”

Joey Janela Talks About His Post-AEW Plans

Joey has already made it clear what he would do after he quits AEW.

Apparently, he wishes to wrestle at Japan which has been a long time dream of his. “One of my goals is to have a run in Japan, which is something I’ve wanted since I was a child,” Janela told Denise Salcedo.

“I’ve done shows in Japan, but I’ve never had a steady run there. That will be in the works very soon”. Joey was actually an immensely popular wrestler even before he joined AEW. He made his AEW debut in 2019.

He wishes to help the next generation of wrestlers to rise to the top of the wrestling world. “I wanna wrestle new talent, I wanna find new talent,” Joey Janela said. “I am gonna bring new talent to GCW, to wrestle better guys and get themselves recognized and ready for a contract somewhere whether it be the WWE or AEW or maybe New Japan.

I want to wrestle 2, 3, 4 times a week no matter how my body feels. “There’s nothing more rewarding than doing an indie show and after your match saying ‘Damn I am beat-up, how am I gonna wrestle tomorrow? How am I gonna wrestle the next day?’ And then wrestling those 3 days, and giving it your all and giving matches that people are talking about all over the place.

And when you get home that Monday and you lay in your bed at 9 o’clock in the morning because you haven’t slept for three days and you’re beat-up and you sleep till 8 at night, there’s nothing more rewarding than that”.

Joey Janela was actually part of the original AEW roster that was created in 2019. He made his AEW debut at Double or Nothing.

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