NJPW President Speaks About Crossover Shows

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NJPW President Speaks About Crossover Shows

NJPW President recently spoke about possibly having more AEW Crossover shows in the future. Never before has the forbidden door ever been opened this way. It is true that there have been collaborations between major wrestling companies in the past, but none will probably make the impact that AEW and NJPW will.

NJPW President, Takami Ohbari spoke to Sports Illustrated about the shows. He stated that he is open to more shows being held with AEW.

NJPW President is Open to Future Shows with AEW

“Traveling between Japan and the U.S.

is no longer a significant problem,” Ohbari said. “If Japanese fans are invested in this event and the demand is there, then there will absolutely be the impetus for us to take the next step of holding an event in Japan”.

The Forbidden Door PPV will be held in Chicago. The venue will be the famous United Center. It will be held on the 26th of June. The NJPW President was in attendance when the show was revealed officially at AEW Dynamite last Wednesday.

“NJPW and AEW will open the ‘Forbidden Door’ together this June, but what lies on the other side is something we will all have to wait to find out,” Ohbari told Sports Illustrated. “One guarantee: I always say that NJPW’s wrestlers carry the pride and the fight of wild lions.

Whomever they fight against, or whomever they even team with, they will carry a fighting spirit that is unmatched and unbeatable”. It has also been reported that Nick Khan, WWE President and chief revenue office approached NJPW in the past.

Apparently, WWE wanted to be the exclusive partner of NJPW in the US. However, NJPW has chosen to go with AEW instead of the WWE for some reason. NJPW has long been operating in Japan and they only held a small number of shows in the US.

Ever since Takami took over the company, they wish to expand into the US. Takami took the company over in 2020. He is also the CEO of New Japan of America and he oversaw the launch of the NJPW Strong series which is US-based.

It is part of NJPW World. The company has shows featured on AXS TV and The Roku Channel. NJPW has produced some of the world’s finest wrestlers in the past. Some top WWE stars such as Goldberg have also wrestled in Japan.

However, they will need to work extremely hard if they wish to capture even a small chunk of the US market which is primarily dominated by the WWE.