Big Cass's return to the ring has been announced

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Big Cass's return to the ring has been announced

Over the past two years, WWE has been releasing numerous talents for a new plan of significant budget cuts and restrictions, with the covid pandemic leading to numerous Superstars being fired overnight, without a bit of a break.

notice and without many of them knowing anything. Even before this period, however, several athletes had been released, given that the WWE every year had waves of layoffs, with which it went to "clean up" its rosters of all those wrestlers who no longer served its cause, because maybe you have stopped for months without creative plans or because the management simply no longer believed in them.

Two of these athletes were certainly Enzo Amore and Big Cass, who were held at the top floors of the federation cards for months, both at NXT and on the main roster, only to be fired at two different times, with Enzo having done also of the troubles in the media, not making known to the WWE his troubles with the police and with Big Cass who instead had broken relations with many in the backstage of the company, before being also released.

In a recent interview, former WWE Superstar CaZXL f.k.a Big Cass revealed whether the door would be open for him to return to WWE.

Will Big Cass appear next week in AEW?

"I can't answer that with 100% confidence but if I had to predict I'd say yes.

I'd say that one day it's definitely a possibility but who knows when that day will be. I would guess that the door will be open at some point for me to go back there and there are a lot of opportunities right now out there in the world and a lot of doors will be open."

During the episode of Dynamite that aired last night, on the screens of TBS, a backstage segment was broadcast in which MJF, one of the currently most admired heels of the entire American pro-wrestling scene, was on the phone with someone probably bigger and smarter than Wardlow, at least according to him, with MJF who would have let it be understood in just one sentence, who he could be.

After hearing the phrase "And you can't teach that", it seems to fans that the famous light bulb went on, as this was one of the most famous catchphrases of the couple formed by Big Cass and Enzo in WWE. Currently, Big Cass is obviously not called that anymore, being that name owned by the WWE, but the athlete after having changed his name numerous times, also passing from an unacceptable Big CaZ XL (for us Italians), has now passed to a more sober W Morrisey.

After seeing him in the Impact Wrestling rings, it seems that the giant athlete's contract has also ended with IMPACT, with next week being decisive to understand if the former WWE Big Cass will really land in the AEW rings or not.