Wardlow: Put me up against all of them

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Wardlow: Put me up against all of them

Wardlow is a very successful wrestler who fought with various names, but has revealed who he would like to meet in the ring. “For today, Kenny Omega tops that list. I feel like I have a list of people that are claimed to be the best wrestlers in the world.

I feel like I have this list of people that I want to wrestle with just because they are the best, supposedly”, he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc. “So I just want to challenge myself with guys like Kenny Omega, can I hang with PAC and Andrade? I want to be able to hang with the best workers”.

Wardlow stressed that he is capable of many things. “I don’t want to be secluded to just a monster, just someone who can tear heads off and is just a one-dimensional wrestler. I truly believe I have the voice, I can speak, and I have the athleticism to be well-rounded”, he said.

“I know that this is used often but I feel that I am the total package. I check every box, and I probably created some of my own boxes as far as building a professional wrestler. So like I said, I want to challenge myself through the real workers”.

Wardlow: Put me up against all of them

Wardlow mentioned some names that marked wrestling, and we’ll see if it’s realistic to face one of them. Surely that would be a dream come true for him. “The big monster vs monster type scenario, it would be dreamy to step in the ring with Paul Wight one day.

The biggest of them all. Guys like Big Show, or Mark Henry if he ever decided to lace the boots up again. The guys that I watched on tv that have survived, made a name for themselves, and have been monsters in the company. Put me up against all of them”.