Bret Hart WWE Contract Details

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Bret Hart WWE Contract Details

Bret Hart is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer, and new details about his WWE contracts started showing up. Bret Hart according to many wrestling journalists, personalities and wrestlers are one of the greatest of all time. Some people even believe he is the best wrestler of all time.

Bret Hart is mainly known for his time in the WWE as well as a short stint in WCW. Bret Hart retired after he suffered a nasty concussion from a kick that Goldberg threw. Even though he can’t wrestle anymore, his signature still carries a lot of weight for any wrestling promotion.

In fact, All Elite Wrestling chose Bret Hart to unveil the AEW World Title.

Bret Hart May Actually Appear For AEW At Some Point If Reports Are Correct

AEW for a long time was under the impression that Bret could not appear for AEW as he had an agreement with WWE.

However, Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE just has a merchandise deal. “Bret Hart said that his only deal with WWE is a merchandising deal and not any other deal,” Meltzer stated in his most recent newsletter.

Even after this information, it is unclear whether or not Bret can appear for AEW or not. Bret has not appeared for any AEW TV for a very long time. It was reported that AEW wanted Bret to manage FTR in the AEW. It is also reported that Bret has not been given a contract to appear at AEW Double or Nothing.

During that event, the Owen Hart Foundation Cup finals will be held. Dr. Martha Hart will be in attendance. It was speculated that Bret Hart would make his AEW return soon. This first started several months ago. A few AEW stars have referenced Hart, that included FTR, CM Punk and the Young Bucks.

He was referenced during matches and promos. Many people actually thought that Bret Hart will work with AEW regularly after his appearance at the first-ever AEW Double or Nothing event. That was back in May of 2019. Bret Hart has wrestled legendary wrestlers over the course of his career.

He has in fact wrestled some wrestlers which are considered some of the best of all time. Even in WCW, he wrestled WCW’s top stars. For a long time, the WWE and Bret were not on good terms, thanks to the Montreal Screwjob.