Is AEW ready for a new partnership?

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Is AEW ready for a new partnership?
Is AEW ready for a new partnership? (Provided by Wrestling World)

The Forbidden Door show appears to be only the first step of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) towards an increasingly complete collaboration with the eastern part of pro wrestling. In addition to New Japan, in fact, it is Tony Khan's intention to approach the stardom product, so as to be able to give further important prominence to his own women as well.

Stardom is owned by Bushiroad, the same company that owns NJPW, and according to Dave Meltzer the same federation Joshi is keenly interested in this possible collaboration, so that he can have more names to use for the December 30 show at Sumo Hall.

Also according to the source, the Bushiroad group thinks that fans will be looking forward to travel to both the Tokyo Dome and events like the Sumo Hall one and the intention will have to be to strengthen these shows to bring all kinds of fans to really want to travel to these events.

AEW wants to grow further

The wrestling world is ablaze following AEW's latest pay-per-view - All Out. The event featured multiple surprises from top to bottom, with quite a few active WWE Superstars posting their reactions on Twitter.

COVID has greatly changed the scenarios and plans of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Stardom themselves, now that the pandemic is slowly fading thanks to vaccines and so on, the whole system is trying to restart in the best possible way, to the good of all in total safety.

Today we need to take Meltzer's words with a grain of salt and think only of next June when the only certainty will be to see a show starring an American and a Japanese major, just as happened in 2019 at Madison Square Garden when the main event of G1 Supercard was Kazuchika Okada defeating Jay White and becoming the new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

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Superstars across RAW, SmackDown, and NXT tweeted their feelings over the course of All Out. A lot of them were regarding Ruby Soho's AEW debut in the Casino Battle Royale. The former Riott Squad leader is popular among her former WWE peers, as evidenced by the love she received following her victory.