Kenny Omega discusses the new AEW videogame

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Kenny Omega discusses the new AEW videogame
Kenny Omega discusses the new AEW videogame (Provided by Wrestling World)

The development of the AEW video game is continuing. New info on the title could arrive very soon. Recently, AEW Superstar Kenny Omega said she expects something about the game to be revealed soon. During 'Put Your Quarters On The Glass', Kenny Omega talked about the video game.

On the AEW game, Kenny Omega said: "I mean, we are all working on it really hard and we want to try and get something great. We want it to be ready and complete asap. It could come out again this year, at least hopefully. Hopefully, hopefully.

we will also have more material to show everyone very soon. There should be something very soon too."

Kenny Omega on the new AEW videogame

The AEW video game was initially supposed to be released in 2023, but there have reportedly been discussions within the company that they could change plans and release the game by next September.

The game will be presented on May 4th and should be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One consoles. After last Wednesday's Dynamite broadcast, AEW president Tony Khan addressed the fans live and revealed the name of the game AEW: Fight Forever to everyone.

The federation thus filed the 'AEW: Fight Forever' brand for merchandising. Kenny Omega's great passion for video games dates back to his childhood. He has a long-standing in-game rivalry with Austin Creed, better known in WWE as Xavier Woods.

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks have challenged New Day several times on Street Fighter V. On Xavier Woods wanting to return to Street Fighter, Kenny Omega said: "He's been talking a lot about wanting to return to Street Fighter 6 but it will be a fresh start for everyone and I would like to see what he would be able to do.

I don't think he's that skilled. . I think being good at fighting games requires a lot of skill. It takes very flexible and nimble fingers. You need to be able to read what the opponent is doing and analyze the situation and then act accordingly.

These are all skills that he absolutely does not have." The answer is yes. Kenny Omega spent some time with WWE, but he never made it to the main roster. The future world champion signed a developmental contract with the company in 2005.

Omega was sent to Deep South Wrestling for a tryout, which he passed. He then got a full-time contract to wrestle in WWE's developmental territory.

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