Jay Lethal reveals his main goals

Jay Lethal is one of the big names left on the independent scene

by Simone Brugnoli
Jay Lethal reveals his main goals

Guest on The TWC Show, AEW Superstar Jay Lethal spoke about the Ring of Honor and Tony Khan's takeover of the federation. Former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal is one of the big names left on the independent scene that as yet hasn’t been snapped up by WWE and NXT, and the man himself has been speaking to Comicbook.com about the possibility of such a move and more.

Jay Lethal is an AEW superstar

On his feelings and thoughts on the ROH: "Unfortunately, and I don't speak for everyone, I only speak for myself, I was one of the people who thought the federation was officially over. Not that I didn't have any faith in them, I just didn't think yes.

it would resume after everyone's goodbye and the attempt to do some renewals. I didn't understand, why do you have to make everyone go away? Couldn't you find another way to do it? Since joining AEW in November, Jay Lethal has rarely been featured on-screen.

In fact, Lethal has played only four matches at Dynamite. On the All Elite Wrestling opponent who would most like to challenge in a ring: "I have not been in the ring and I was a huge fan of Chris Jericho, especially during the A2J and the big countdown.

I remember my brother and me going crazy and we memorized some of his promos. I would say that Chris Jericho would definitely be at the top of the list for me, of those I want to tackle the most. If that's all I can do then I'm fine with it because it was a pleasure to talk to him and share some ideas with me.

He was great with me and unbelievable. But if I can stay in the ring with him that would be the best." During his Drive-Thru podcast, the famous Jim Cornette criticized AEW precisely for the management of Jay Lethal: “They take him and announce his signing but then, they make him disappear from everyone's sight.

Then every week you have to see 2point0 and Daniel Garcia in action. We see Orange Cassidy every week. But Jay Letha no, it seems? He dated Will Hobbs. Why waste talent, why bury talent, why make talent disappear?" These days, Jay Lethal is training with well-known WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair who continues to step into the ring despite the ripe old age of 73. However, this would not mean an imminent arrival in AEW of the Nature Boy.

Jay Lethal