*Spoiler* Huge surprise in AEW

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*Spoiler* Huge surprise in AEW

In the world of pro-wrestling, lately, we have seen numerous champions become "undisputed" champions, with the most famous being obviously Roman Reigns, who currently holds the role of WWE Champion for Monday Night Raw and that of Universal Champion, on Friday Night Smackdown.

Many, in fact, have two different belts on their waists, as in the case of the Tribal Chief, while others go on to win two identical belts, for a title that has been doubled, for some reason, or for the absence of the previous champion or for special needs of a company, with the two champions who then go to challenge each other in a final match, which establishes an undisputed champion, who holds both belts.

Lately, this has also happened with the AEW TNT Championship, while in the last episode we saw instead how the two ROH champions, Deonna Purrazzo and Mercedes Martinez, vied for the title of Undisputed ROH Women's Champion.

AEW presented a loaded episode of Dynamite this week and featured three debuts, two of them being major names in pro wrestling. We also had an incredible tag team match with CM Punk teaming up with a former WWE and AEW World Champion.

Great show in AEW

AEW Dynamite kicked off with members of The Pinnacle coming down to the ring. Justin Roberts then introduced MJF, who came down to the ring on a palanquin. The Pinnacle then celebrated in the ring together, although Wardlow wasn't as enthusiastic as the others.

MJF then took the mic and said that he beat CM Punk twice in Chicago so he was better than the Best In The World. MJF said that the moment was a little bittersweet since he beat his childhood hero so he told him "You suck" after the match.

In a match with no holds barred, but very balanced, Mercedes Martinez managed to get the better of last night's episode of Dynamite, with the former WWE Retribution participant, who thus snatched the belt from her opponent, the former WWE athlete.

After both having a short stint in the WWE rings, completely without fruit, the two girls managed to carve out an important space on other very famous rings in the world, with the Khan family giving important visibility to its women too, especially now that the Ring of Honor is run by Tony Khan himself.

As she was keen to point out in one of her latest interviews, Mercedes Martinez had already been to ROH in 2006, but at the time women were treated as a simple interlude, to ease the tension between one male match and another, with the same current champion of the American company who said that there has been a huge evolution also in women's wrestling, as well as in wrestling in general.