Adam Cole feels much freer

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Adam Cole feels much freer

During Busted Open Radio, Adam Cole talked about the differences between NXT and AEW. Additionally, Cole also talked about his relationship with Tony Khan. On the difference between WWE and AEW, Adam Cole stated: “Personally, by far the most important thing is that I can now travel and spend more time with Britt Baker.

There was a time in WWE when I felt like I saw her maybe once a week just because our schedules were different. I saw her very rarely and for a short time, sometimes after a match. Now, however, she is always behind the scenes with me, I can hug her after having played a match and talk to her right away.

Traveling with her is truly fantastic."

Adam Cole's very talented

On the different modus operandi between WWE and AEW: “Creatively speaking, I'd say the biggest difference is that NXT has a very hands-on approach and that's wonderful.

That was a great learning experience. Then with the passage of time, I had even more freedom, both with the promos and for the matches. They started trusting me. With AEW, from the start, no one ever gave me a script for a promo.

No one has ever told me directly how they want the match to go. You are free to do whatever you like, especially if they trust you. Fortunately with AEW, from the beginning, they trusted me." On her relationship with Tony Khan: “I met Tony a while before I started working for AEW, when I went to New Year's parties or went to see Britt.

I got to meet and talk to everyone and I got to meet him too. He has always been a very friendly and nice guy. Since I started working with him, I feel like at any time of the night, at any point of the day, I could text or call them with any problem.

Even though he can't answer me immediately because he's very busy, I know he will find time to answer or call me. His passion for wrestling is truly contagious that you can't help but get excited. He is truly a person who loves wrestling with all his heart.

There is so much to do," Adam Cole said. "I find it so flattering that there are people that want to see Adam Cole on RAW or SmackDown so, so badly. But then there’s another group that’s like no, I want him to stay in NXT. Right now, the possibilities of things to do on any of the three brands feels endless for me."