Hikaru Shida unleashes on social media

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Hikaru Shida unleashes on social media

A couple of days ago we brought you news leaked from the AEW Rampage tapings, which as you know is recorded immediately after Dynamite and then aired on Friday night. In fact, in the episode aired this week in the United States, Tony Schiavone announced something very important.

Hikaru Shida previously defeated Julia Hart to qualify for the women's Owen Hart tournament. She was then supposed to face Red Velvet in an opening match on next Friday's AEW Rampage episode, but she has now been pulled out of the match.

Tony Schiavone, interviewing Jade Cargill and The Baddies, who are Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet, therefore the one who had to challenge joshi, announced that Shida was injured during the Philly Street Fight match against Serena Deeb in the episode of Dynamite on April 27, which was Hikaru Shida's last match for AEW and will therefore be replaced by Kris Statlander.

Hikaru Shida is very angry

The problem, however, is that the AEW has not perhaps come to terms with social media, the fact that the fans remain informed of everyone on the sites and everything else, because we all know that in reality the former AEW champion is very well and is struggling in Japan currently.

So not only did they announce an injury two weeks after it happened, so it made no sense because if you get hurt you know it right away, but they also made Shida a little annoyed who made herself heard on Twitter, amazed by this announcement that Khan's company probably did at the last minute to make up for her absence, although the fact remains that with so many events Joshi is having in her country that had already been announced for some time now, it seems strange that the AEW did not know this and that they did advance it in the tournament anyway.

Hikaru Shida's first tweet was a simple: "What?", Written above the video of the announcement posted by AEW on social media. Then going on she wrote: “Well… I've already had four matches after the street fight and I just finished the greatest fighting musical show.

But it looks like I have an injury… Japanese wrestling doesn't matter to them. I'm sorry. And also excuse me for not being in the tournament." Then she concluded by adding: “I am happy from the bottom of my heart that Kris is in the tournament now.

And I will enjoy this sudden vacation in Japan because it has been a while since I did it. Be positive!" The wrestler then released a screenshot of the notes with the following statement: "After my Philadelphia Street Fight an AEW medical checkup was required to participate in the Owen Hart Cup.

And I was unable to make my return to the country in time. . I'm sorry I let everyone down. These hard times happen with international talent. I feel sane and never get better. Please cheer on Kris as I do my best in Japan. Holy Shida will be back soon."