The AEW videogame could be disappointing

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The AEW videogame could be disappointing

According to Sports Gamers Online, the upcoming 'AEW Fight Forever' game is set to have a number of limitations, stemming from behind-the-scenes development issues. Dutch Mantell believes one-half of the AEW Tag Team Champions, Luchasaurus, is similar to WWE legend Kane.

The AEW videogame is not convincing

“Not having a suite as deep as other sports titles shouldn't be so surprising. Having the ability to create belts, arenas, shows and more was nothing that should have been anticipated for the first game.

However, the limitations will be felt in other areas of the suite which can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. SGO has been told that the movesets, in general, will be limited "similar to an early 2000s wrestling game," while the customization options for wrestlers will leave people wanting more."

Another area of ​​the game that SGO believes will be relatively limited compared to fan expectations is the inclusion of licensed theme songs, with SGO citing budget concerns.“ As for the music in the game, a source said.

not to expect all licensed music that wrestlers have for their entry themes to fit into the game. One person said: 'There's a reason they are only showing wrestlers with themes created specifically for AEW in their previews.'

In terms of entrances, SGO said they have not been able to confirm whether full entrances will be featured in the game. The wrestling manager said Luchasaurus reminded him of the WWE Hall of Famer. However, he believes the star needs more experience.

Mantell also named Keith Lee as being as menacing as Kane: "Maybe Luchasaurus, maybe because he just needs more timing. I mean, he just needs more experience. I would say, Keith Lee. He could probably work into that. He'd have to slow down," Dutch Mantell said.

After All Out came to an end, Sean Ross Sapp posted a series of tweets highlighting Bryan's reasoning for coming to AEW. Bryan stated that he loved working for WWE and is grateful for his time in Vince McMahon's promotion.

He then revealed the reasons behind leaving WWE and coming to AEW: AEW's talent, the AEW fanbase, and the fact that he's a wrestler and wants to wrestle. Daniel Bryan got candid about his wrestling career while talking to BT Sport in late 2020.

Here's what Bryan had to say: “I'm just kind of switching priorities in my life where for years wrestling has been kind of the key focus and all that kind of stuff. Where like, my contract is coming up soon and not to say that but we're looking at transitioning me to maybe less than a full-time wrestler."