Tay Conti Speaks About Paige VanZant Joining AEW

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Tay Conti Speaks About Paige VanZant Joining AEW

Tay Conti is a famous AEW superstar and she spoke about Paige VanZant joining AEW. Tay Conti has wrestled against some of AEW’s best female superstars. She is one-half of AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions. Her partner is Sammy Guevara who is also a famous WWE wrestler, known for taking high risks in the ring.

Paige is a former MMA fighter. She is known for fighting in the UFC. Conti actually wants to fight Paige as soon as she steps into an AEW ring.

Tay Conti Speaks About Wanting to Fight Paige VanZant

“What’s her name again, the chick from the OnlyFans? Paige VanZant, waiting on her,” Conti said.

“She signed, never here, waiting on her. I do both, I am here, I’m on Instagram, she can’t handle it, that’s not on me. So, you guys need to complain to her. You guys need to hate her, not me, because I am here doing my job”.

While Tay wants to fight Paige, she also wishes to capture the AEW Women’s Title one day. She recently lost her TBS title match against Jade Cargill at AEW Revolution. According to her, she is not out of the title picture even though she lost that match.

She actually wishes to face Thunder Rosa for her AEW Women’s Title. “I am going for the belt again, it’s about time, come on,” she said. “It’s about time, I love Thunder but business is business”.

AEW is currently pushing Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti as an on-screen couple. Even though they hold titles, Conti spoke about what is in store for the couple even if they lose the titles. According to her, the wrestling world won’t be ready for what they have in store for it.

“You all just wait for the next couple of months, the world is not prepared, they’re not ready,” she teased. “You think we are going to giveaway like this? Just don’t be ready, you guys are going to hate anyway."

AEW is slowly and steadily building its women’s division. They still do not have any big star name on the roster right now that can help carry the women’s division. However, their own creations are doing quite well. AEW had a very weak women’s roster when it started nearly 3 years ago.