Tony Khan Speaks About Recent AEW Main Event

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Tony Khan Speaks About Recent AEW Main Event

Tony Khan appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, and he spoke about the main event that will be held in Houston, Texas. It will be held at an AEW Dynamite show. Last week’s main event saw Jeff Hardy fight the charismatic Darby Allin.

There were a number of dangerous moves performed during that event.

Tony Khan Speaks About Main Event Matches and AEW's Massive Fan Base

“It was a crazy, crazy match to watch,” Khan said. “Keeping an eye on it, first of all, as we push towards the end of the show, there was some thought, ‘OK, is this match going to make it?’ Because they kept doing crazy stuff and just some of the wildest moments you’ll see in a wrestling match, just throwing bombs at each other.

“Not only was it a very memorable match, but I thought it was a great showing for both men. For Darby Allin and for Jeff Hardy, who picked up the win. It was like watching two generations, flip sides of the same coin, and I think it was a match that people were really compelled to see and that’s very organic”.

All Elite Wrestling has so far not shied away from holding deathmatch style matches. They are known for having brutal wrestling matches which WWE has not held for a very long time. Jon Moxley is well-known for participating in such matches.

Other wrestlers such as Darby Allin and Jeff Hardy are well-known for performing extremely high-risk moves that WWE hasn’t allowed their wrestlers to perform either. Tony Khan went on to talk about AEW’s massive fan base, which according to some are the true hardcore wrestling fans, as AEW has so far not attracted the casual wrestling fans that WWE has.

“It’s the absolute best and very consistent with fans in New York,” Tony Khan said. “We’ve got great, great, great AEW fans all over the country, and certainly in New York, there’s so many great wrestling fans.

I thought we really gave them what they wanted to see. Tommy [Dreamer], you’re someone who’s wrestled a lot up there. Mickie [James], you’ve wrestled a ton up there. Dave [LaGreca], you’ve got tons of experience yourself in the New York area with pro wrestling.

They’re not easy fans, but if you give them good wrestling, they’re going to be great, and that’s why I think they’re great fans”.