AEW: Huge debut in AEW

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AEW: Huge debut in AEW

WWE has carried out numerous wave releases over the past two years in order to contain the dire economic effects of the global pandemic. The empty arenas and subsequent crisis brought the sports entertainment business to its knees, forcing Vince McMahon and his management to take a series of drastic measures to avoid bankruptcy.

The continued rise of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has certainly not helped the Stamford-based federation, which has seen several of its former talents stolen from the competition. Tony Khan's company has even managed to sign two wrestling greats like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson as well as a host of former WWE mid-carders and big names.

One of the latest wave of layoffs has also hit John Morrison, who was forced to pack after spending 11 years at WWE (including his first stint between 2002 and 2011). Now John Morrison is back to work with independent companies, as he did before his return to WWE, with his wife, ex-Franky Monet of NXT, who did the same, after a very short time in the rings of the color show by McMahon.

AEW continues to hire stars

Fans of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) were expecting a surprise for this night, given that the company had advertised for weeks the presence of two "Jolly" athletes who would enter their respective tournaments, male and female, dedicated to the memory of the late Owen Hart, with the male presence that has certainly made fans roll their eyes.

While everyone was waiting to know who would surprise the Khans' company rings to face Samoa Joe, at one point a name appeared on the titantron, a new name that could easily be traced back to its owner, being now a "shapeshifter"

After reading "Johnny Elite" about the AEW titantron, everyone already knew it was WWE's John Morrison, with the athlete soon appearing in front of the federation cameras to make his official debut in the AEW rings.

At the moment we do not know if his appearance is only the result of a temporary agreement (having also lost his match against Joe) or if Morrison, or rather Elite, has signed a long-term contract with the number two company of America.

This week on AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan has promised two new "Joker" debuts in the men's and women's Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. One will face current Ring of Honor Television Champion Samoa Joe while the other squares off against former AEW Women's World Champion Dr. Britt Baker.