Jake Roberts Speaks About MJF in AEW

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Jake Roberts Speaks About MJF in AEW

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, the legendary former WWE wrestler, recently spoke about MJF in AEW. MJF and Jake Roberts have worked for AEW for a considerable amount of time. Jake stated that he is extremely impressed by MJF’s skills inside the ring.

He spoke about MJF on his podcast and shared his experience working with MJF in AEW. “I did an interview on his set,” Roberts recalled. “He showed me appreciation and respect when asked me afterwards, ‘Was that what you wanted?’ See, he’s smart.

If you ask people what they want and ‘Did you get your point across?’, chances are the next time I’m on his set, I’m going to give it a little bit more, you know what I’m saying? He greased my palms, man.

He made me feel good. That’s smart”.

Jake Compares MJF to Roddy Piper's Character

Many people have compared MJF to legendary professional wrestler Roddy Piper. Jake actually endorses this as MJF is known to get in his opponent's face to cut a promo.

In fact, some people believe that he is currently the best heel in the professional wrestling world today. However, Jake stated that he also sees a bit of Piper in MJF due to his palm-greasing behavior. “Back in the day, we would work for WWF,” Jake Roberts recalled.

“On a TV day, the stars got 50 bucks for wrestling three times. And we paid for our own hotel and our own rental cars. So we lost money. But they would give us that 50 bucks at the beginning of the night … Piper would take that 50 bucks and go to his first match and slide it to that guy, who’s making $500 because the guys that got beat up made $500.

What did that 50 bucks mean to Piper? Nothing. What did it mean to that guy? ‘Jesus Christ, this superstar gave me the only 50 bucks he’s making for the day. He gave it to me and told me to go out and buy some beer and have a good time.’ So what does that guy go out and do for you? He’ll fly!

Now, here’s the one I learned from Piper. He tells the guy, ‘Whatever you do, don’t tell anybody else I gave you that $50. Cause I don’t have any more cash on me.’ Do you think that guy’s going to tell anybody? Of course he is!

But they’re going to go out and fly too now because they know next time, ‘Maybe Piper will give me that $50.' ”