Adam Cole Speaks About Why He Joined AEW After Leaving WWE

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Adam Cole Speaks About Why He Joined AEW After Leaving WWE

Adam Cole is a famous AEW wrestler and he recently spoke about why he joined AEW after leaving the WWE. According to him the most important reason for him to join the AEW was that he wanted to be close to his real-life girlfriend, Britt Baker.

Britt Baker is currently the AEW Women’s Champion. Cole stated that he could not spend time with her while he was working for WWE.

Adam Cole Reveals Real Reason Why He Joined AEW

“One of the biggest things was getting to be around and see Britt a lot more,” Cole said during a panel discussion at Motor City Comic Con earlier this month.

“At the time, our schedules were so different that there’d be some times that I’d see her for maybe half a day, one day a week. Sometimes I wouldn’t see her for weeks at a time. So getting to travel with her and just being behind the curtain when she walks through after she’s done a match or a promo is really nice”.

Cole spent nearly four years in the WWE. He was one of NXT’s top stars. Cole held the NXT Title and the NXT North America Title while he was working for NXT. According to him, he was still watching AEW, even though he was enjoying personal success in WWE.

“It just looked like so much fun,” Cole recalled. “You know, I had known tons of people on the roster, but to see these crazy, wild crowds every single week, I was like, ‘God, I’d love to wrestle in front of these fans.'

” Adam Cole left the WWE when his contract expired in August. After a few days, he made his debut at the All Out PPV last September. Cole’s other major reason to join AEW was because WWE wanted him to shut down his Twitch channel, as they did not want their stars to have an additional source of income that can be earned using their WWE brand name.

With AEW, Cole was able to continue streaming on Twitch. Wrestling Inc. reported in 2020 that WWE will introduce a new policy regarding third-party platforms. The WWE talents were allowed to keep their Twitch and YouTube accounts but under their real names, not under their WWE names. WWE is, however, controlling these accounts and the WWE gets a percentage of the revenue that the talents make.