Christian Cage Speaks About Upcoming Carpool Karaoke

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Christian Cage Speaks About Upcoming Carpool Karaoke

Christian Cage recently spoke about the upcoming Carpool Karaoke. An upcoming Carpool Karaoke episode will feature some of AEW’s top stars. The stars that will perform that day include Christian Cage, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, and Dr.

Britt Baker. None of them is known for their singing though. Christian spoke to Jim Varsallone to talk about the situation.

Christian Cage Talks About Spending Time on the Road with Former WWE Wrestlers

“I’m friends with one of the guys in charge of the show, a guy named Eric Pankowski, who used to be a writer for WWE back in the day,” Christian said.

“He and I had gotten in touch, and he was interested in having us on the show and having AEW represented, which I thought was pretty cool. So I brought it to the attention of AEW, and the rest is history. It went from there”.

Christian then revealed that he has been in the car with Punk and Danielson numerous times. They were all WWE superstars at one time and each held a World Title at some point while they worked for the promotion. In fact, they spent a lot of time together while they were working for the WWE.

“I’d never traveled with any of them,” Christian said. “So it was fun. As I said, I’ve obviously known Punk and Bryan for many years. We’ve never ridden together, but it was fun. We’ve always gotten along, so it was just fun to get in the car with them.

I think the four different personalities too, are what kind of made our car click. So it was a lot of fun”. Christian has spent a significant amount of his time helping the younger wrestlers in AEW. He most notably helped Jungle Boy last year.

Since then Jungle’s Boy in-ring abilities have improved significantly. However, Christian spoke about which wrestler he believes had the worst taste in music. “I traveled with Lance Storm for years and he’s got terrible taste in just about everything,” Christian Cage said.

“He needs to calm down. So it’s probably more Lance, even though he actually drove most of the time. But he still never had control of the radio”. Lance Storm was actually a top start in WCW and a mid-card wrestler in WWE.

He is well-known for being a professional wrestling teacher and has trained some wrestlers that are currently working for WWE and other indie wrestling promotions.