Tay Conti Wishes to Seek Legal Precautions After Threats

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Tay Conti Wishes to Seek Legal Precautions After Threats

Tay Conti is a famous AEW star and she recently revealed that she will be taking legal precautions after she received threats. Tay Conti is the girlfriend of famous AEW wrestler Sammy Guevara. Conti is actually famous as she is one of AEW’s most good looking female wrestlers.

Sammy and Tay received the threats online. Tay previously tried exposing the man that was harassing her and her boyfriend. Tay and Conti revealed that they are in a relationship in January. The most disturbing messages that she received included a message where the man stated that he would kill Sammy, Tay and then himself.

He also suggested that this plan of his might vary.

Tay Conti Is Taking Online Death Threats Extremely Seriously

“… I really hate you with a passion and really going to f**k you life up forever,” one message says, grammatical errors included.

“And imma mess with your family. So. Instead sucking my girlfriend. Mating suck your own life down. Cuz I’m really going to hit you one day. And really. You are to never talk to Taynara again. Or imma really kill you. Then kill myself.

Or just myself. And stay said shes kill herself. All your fault. Suck on that Sammy…” “This is absurd. His name is D***** D****** and he’s been threatening Sammy and I since January,” Tay Conti posted.

“He writes us EVERY SINGLE DAY and apparently planning to do something with us in June. I’m taking legally precautions but if something happens to us y’all know who to look for”. Many famous female wrestlers have faced similar situations in the past.

Alexa Bliss, the famous WWE superstar, also received threats online. That man threatened to shoot her and her husband, Ryan Cabrera. Sonya Deville is also another victim. However, in her case, somebody was stalking her. The person actually showed up to her house in 2020.

That man was charged for aggravated stalking, armed burglary of a dwelling, criminal mischief and attempted armed kidnapping. Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara are scheduled to team up with Frankie Kazarian at Double or Nothing.

They will fight the team of Paige VanZant, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky (current TNT Champion). Double or Nothing is one of the most important PPVs that AEW organizes.