Adam Page near a major milestone of his reign in AEW

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Adam Page near a major milestone of his reign in AEW
Adam Page near a major milestone of his reign in AEW

At the moment, Adam "Hangman" Page's captaining the All Elite Wrestling roster as the absolute champion of the company. The cowboy started his path in the AEW rings as a babyface and has eventually become a heel to all effects.

He's also, during his stint, had great feuds with prominent personalities of the number two federation of America. After beating the competition of Adam Cole, who with his stable tried in every way to snatch the world title from his hips, now Page is going to his first official match against CM Punk, the former WWE athlete who returns to his first world title match after leaving the Stamford company several years ago.

Precisely in this context, Punk remained in the favor of the public, while Page performed a very "light" turn heel, which however removed him from his fans in a fairly important way, allowing Punk to get back on the crest of the wave after the sensational return made only a short time ago, with the Chicago arena in which he had returned, which almost came down from the ovation reserved for him.

Adam Page reaches the 200-day mark as an AEW champion

After keeping his title won against Kenny Omega, last November 2021, for several months, Adam Page is inexorably approaching the threshold of 200 days as a world champion, with the next AEW PPV, Double or Nothing, which could however interrupt definitively this champion run.

This Sunday, 29th May, AEW will stage its PPV, where CM Punk will go to challenge Hagman Adam Page to a titled match and if the champion wins, his reign will automatically exceed 200 days, reaching third place. of the longest reigns in the short history of the AEW.

We recall how the longest reign as AEW champion is still in the possession of Omega, who kept his belt for 346 days, while he was also champion of other federations, such as AAA or IMPACT Wrestling. The second-longest reign belongs to Jon Moxley, who held the title for 277 days.

At the moment Adam Page is still at 196 days, but one more victory against Punk will be enough for him to reach 200 and grouped for second place, which he could reach in over two and a half months.


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