Spoiler: How did the match between MJF and Wardlow at Double or Nothing end?

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Spoiler: How did the match between MJF and Wardlow at Double or Nothing end?

In the last 48 hours we have done nothing but talk about MJF and the rather delicate situation that was being experienced within the AEW in the last two days, with the athlete who had abandoned the fan fest in which the AEW athletes were called to take photos and autographs with fans who came from all over the United States for the company's PPV, Double or Nothing.

Out of the blue, in fact, MJF left the event, unlike other illustrious names such as Sting and Samoa Joe, who were already expected to be absent on the eve of the event, with many insiders who had also raised the doubt that the athlete could have already left the city of Las Vegas.

Eventually, MJF took part in the company's PPV as planned, with his match against Wardlow going on as normal, as fans have been waiting for, before the mammoth ex-heel bodyguard of the moment in AEW, took his revenge, and made his rival go out on a stretcher.

Wardlow destroys MJF in AEW Double or Nothing

During the PPV that aired a few hours ago, the match between MJF and Wardlow opened the show, with the entry of MJF on the scene which was long in coming, leaving the fans in doubt about the fact that the athlete may not be present.

After a few seconds of waiting, between the choruses "as**ole" and "you fuc**up", at the end MJF came out from backstage amidst these whistles and started his match. As we had already imagined on the eve of the event, Wardlow literally destroyed his opponent, after having also received a cash offer to return to work with him, obviously refused.

After five Powerbombs, Wardlow pinned his arch-enemy, only to then take his foot off the pin, to perform as many finishers, for a total of 10 Powerbombs and then finally pin MJF. Eventually, MJF was carried away on a stretcher to the backstage, literally destroyed by the series of finishers performed by his opponent.