Eric Bischoff on what he likes in the AEW as compared to the WWE

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Eric  Bischoff on what he likes in the AEW as compared to the WWE

Speaking on his Exclusive Strictly Business show, Eric Bischoff explained what he prefers about the All Elite Wrestling product over what WWE offers. "One of the things I like a lot more about AEW production than WWE is that I really feel like I'm in the arena.

It's not that good (compared to WWE) and it's almost artificial when it's done so well that I feel like I'm in the arena. I can almost smell the popcorn. For me, this is the part that I miss, that I like the most, the experience.

I really almost want to smell the popcorn, that beer stale that someone shed the night before because that's what brings me back to what made me fall in love with professional wrestling. The cleaner it becomes, the more I feel away from it and the less my experience becomes.

When you create that totally artificial environment and there are many reasons why it might be a great idea, I'll tell you, for me as an individual, they lost me at that point. There is really no reason for me to spend two minutes of my life looking at it because I am not getting anything from it.

It's one of the reasons I love professional wrestling, and we all have different reasons why we like it, and why we're drawn to it in the first place. It is different for everyone. For me, personally, the moment they do it, I'm out, completely out."

Not everything is love according to Eric Bischoff

Eric Biscoff, however, has often been a bit critical of the company, in fact not so long ago, on the possibility of growing the AEW audience with an agreement like the one with the NJPW, he had said: "I don't think the forbidden door will grow AEW audience.

What AEW has done and what it does, at least until the last episode I saw about two weeks ago, is centered around the internet wrestling community. They are doing a phenomenal job at this, but how many people are watching New Japan wrestling? How many people watch New Japan products every week in the United States."