What could happen next between MJF and Tony Khan? Dave Meltzer's hypothesizes

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What could happen next between MJF and Tony Khan? Dave Meltzer's hypothesizes

After AEW Double Or Nothing where MJF faced Wardlow, one of the famous personalities in the world of wrestling Dave Meltzer has revealed several details about the future of Superstar AEW. During all this time, MJF has made no secret of its contractual situation with the AEW and has made it known to everyone, including its possible suitors, that in 2024 it will be available to the highest bidder.

As it turns out, the relationship between the three-time AEW ring winner and President Tony Khan seems to have gotten worse in recent months. The two also had a very animated conversation, after MJF attended an unauthorized interview with the company.

Despite rumors of seeing his Double Or Nothing match in serious jeopardy, MJF showed up at the T-Mobile Arena to open the show against his former bodyguard Wardlow. MJF kept the fans waiting longer than usual before appearing regularly then on stage.

On the show, the former Pinnacle leader suffered as many as ten powerbombs from Wardlow with the latter taking revenge after months of verbal confrontations and attacks.

Dave Meltzer: "Tony Khan doesn't want to talk about MJF's future"

Speaking at the Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer unveiled some speculations for MJF's future in AEW.

Firstly, both he and co-host Bryan Alvarez broached the subject of the flight booked for him in order to return home before the Double Or Nothing ppv, which obviously would have prevented the dispute of his match with Wardlow.

The indiscretion remained unchanged and no flights were booked for him. On the situation between MJF and Tony Khan: "Even if Tony didn't say a word about it, it was very obvious that there had been several things between Tony and Max that somehow didn't like him.

He wouldn't talk about anything he would have to. dealing with Max. Tony in the press room had specified that he did not want to talk about this topic. I tried to ask him if we will ever see him again at MJF in AEW but he said nothing about it.

There is probably something underneath." Meltzer added that MJF's extremely late arrival at the T-Mobile Arena was no stranger to his federation. In fact, AEW knew she was leaving the show after her defeat to Wardlow.

Additionally, he added that he thinks fans will see MJF in AEW again but it may take not a few weeks but a much longer time before he reappears on television.