Seth Rollins Takes a Shot at Cody Rhodes' Throne Smashing

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Seth Rollins Takes a Shot at Cody Rhodes' Throne Smashing

Seth Rollins recently took a shot at Cody Rhodes Smashing a throne that resembled Triple H’s throne while Cody was working at AEW. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins actually had a verbal battle on Raw this week. During that Cody and Seth took shots at each other's past.

Cody during that battle mentioned Dusty Rhodes his father. Cody stated that Dusty helped Seth during the early part of his career when he was working at NXT. In fact, many people believe that Dusty helped Seth when Seth needed mentoring the most.

Seth then attacked Cody over the fact that Cody left the WWE and formed AEW when things were not working for him at WWE. He also referenced that Cody took a shot at Triple H when Cody took a sledgehammer at the first-ever Double or Nothing PPV and broke a throne that resembled Triple H’s throne.

Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes Verbally Battle Each Other Ahead of Fight

“You left WWE six years ago because you weren’t good enough,” Rollins told Rhodes. “And then every single day that you were gone, you and your little friends tried to tear down what I was building here.

And when that didn’t work out so well for you, you came running back”. “The prodigal son returns home to fulfill his family legacy,” Rollins added in a mocking tone. “Not on my watch, pal! You don’t get to be the conquering hero in my kingdom.

No, no, no. You don’t get to take a sledgehammer to the throne and get to come back to take back that throne from me”. Seth Rollins then stated that he will prey on Cody Rhodes’ insecurities when they fight at Hell in a Cell.

“I don’t like you,” Seth Rollins stressed. “I don’t want you here. In six days, I’m going to prey on your insecurities. I am not just going to change you, I will end you. Then we can finally wake up from this American Nightmare”.

Cody Rhodes had to leave AEW after he failed to negotiate new terms for his AEW contract. Reportedly, Cody wished to be paid much higher than what he was getting at that time. Tony Khan simply did not want to pay Cody the amount that he requested.

Cody was also getting booed by the fans at that time and wasn’t as popular as some of the other AEW stars at that time.