Did the return of CM Punk inspire AJ Lee? Here's what she thinks

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Did the return of CM Punk inspire AJ Lee? Here's what she thinks
Did the return of CM Punk inspire AJ Lee? Here's what she thinks (Provided by Wrestling World)

CM Punk made his big comeback in wrestling in August 2021 by landing in AEW to everyone's surprise even if the rumors were getting more and more insistent. This return has led fans to think that his wife, AJ Lee, may also be on the way back, but sadly many have not come to terms with the woman's physical problems.

Guest on Renee Paquette's The Sessions, it was she who spoke about the return of CM Punk and her work in Women Of Wrestling, a women's wrestling company that has recently restarted.

AJ Lee on her career aspirations

"The conversation was a much longer conversation than people knew, with a lot of things happening in the universe.

There were a lot of options. It was a very long time of, 'What's the right itinerary? safer? What does it look like?' It was something I was afraid of, just to see what was going to happen emotionally. It was more or less because of his stuff.

For me, I retreated and retreated again. "I always say, 'Never say never, but don't hold your breath' and everyone clings to 'never say never,'" AJ Lee joked. "Don't hold your breath, you're going to die. I just wanted him to be emotionally safe and protected.

It was the best thing about his experience. He feels like he is always in a safe space and has a good group of people around him in AEW which makes me very happy. There was a lot of 'Let's go!' For me, it didn't spark any spark in me, but the combination of wrestling and writing, wrestling and production, was safer and more exciting because it was a challenge.

I always liked the timing of when I retired. You never want to be the last girl at the party, she wants to go out on top. Everything looked so perfect and tied in a bow. I know her experience is different. To me, I didn't want him (CM Punk), or me with the WOW, to feel like the person who comes back to hang out with high school kids. I was hoping it wasn't and that doesn't seem to be the case."

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