AJ Lee gets back into wrestling; A former AEW champion starts talk of a "dream match"

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AJ Lee gets back into wrestling; A former AEW champion starts talk of a "dream match"

In recent days, AEW staged its latest PPV, Double or Nothing and its latest installment of Dynamite, with numerous surprises that entertained fans of the second-most important wrestling company in the United States of America, such as CM Punk's first titled win in All Elite, with Chicago's Second City Savior winning his first world title since the start of his All Elite run against "Hangman" Adam Page.

Among the many things that happened between the PPV and the last episode of Dynamite, especially within the "MJF against all" story, with the athlete who lashed out at colleagues, Tony Khan and fans of the company, we also witnessed the 'landing of two former WWE wrestlers backstage of the Jacksonville company, even if only as escorts this time.

We are obviously talking about Lana and AJ Lee, two former athletes of the McMahon-owned company, who in the last episode of the AEW flag show were backstage to accompany their respective husbands, that is Miro (WWE's Rusev) and CM Punk.

In recent weeks, it seems that the possibility has reopened a bit that AJ Lee can return to do something in the world of pro-wresting, after writing a successful book in the US and after taking a long break from the world of discipline.

Britt Baker and her dream match against AJ Lee

Due to her husband's title win, therefore, AJ Lee could appear in the AEW rings sooner or later, to have some on-screen role with the Khan-owned federation, with fans starting early to speculate, hypothesise and talk of dream matches.

During her backstage visit during Dynamite, AJ also wanted to take a photo with the former AEW world champion, Britt Baker, with the real-life partner of Adam Cole who wanted to respond to a fan who said that if a match were to come out between the two athletes it would be a dream match, with Britt confirming how it would be for her too.