Update About Cesaro’s Professional Wrestling Future

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Update About Cesaro’s Professional Wrestling Future

Cesaro is now known as Claudio Castagnoli. His WWE contract expired in February this year. Cesaro was a very popular indie wrestler before he joined WWE. On the indie circuit, he was known for his power and ability to perform complex moves with relative ease.

He was mostly known for performing power moves, although he could also perform extremely athletic moves with ease.

Cesaro MAy Re-sign for WWE As He Is In His Early 40s

Cesaro could never reach the top of the WWE, even though many journalists and fans believed that he should have been pushed by the company.

In fact, there are some reports that suggest he was stopped from using certain moves which were getting him over with the fans. According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, Claudio is taking a break and is laying low. He is still a free agent and is taking time off to spend time with his family.

This is the primary reason why he hasn’t yet signed for a new promotion and did not re-sign with WWE. Claudio has trademarked the name CSRO which is probably going to be his new ring name. It is not clear whether or not Claudio has actually received an offer from any other wrestling promotion.

It is most likely that he will receive an offer from All Elite Wrestling as Tony Khan has praised him during an interview in the past. The Observer also stated that WWE has given most of their wrestlers extremely lucrative and long-term contracts.

Since Claudio is in his early 40s, there is a chance that he will return to WWE as he is more comfortable over there, even though he will not be used as a top guy. Claudio did not get a chance to fight Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title, even though he managed to beat Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 37.

It would have made sense for Claudio to wrestle for the WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania Backlash. Other than that, WWE has made no apparent effort to push him as a star. He has won the tag team title 7 time in the company though.

Claudio has expressed interest in being in Starrcast with Conrad Thompson. Starrcast will take palce during WWE SummerSlam Weekend. A number of wrestlers have been confirmed for that event, including Bryan Danielson and Miro. Ric Flair’s final match will also take place during that event.