How long will Bryan Danielson be out?

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How long will Bryan Danielson be out?

Recently, the news went around the web that Bryan Danielson had been absent from a meet and greet with fans due to an injury. This was a development that joined the already announced injury of CM Punk, which forced Tony Khan to review plans for the AEW World Championship in progress.

Apparently, however, the extent of the American Dragon's physical problem wouldn't be that serious. According to what reported by Bryan Alvarez, in fact, Bryan Danielson should remain out of the game for only two weeks: a very short period of time which would therefore allow him to take part in Forbidden Door, PPV scheduled for June 26th.

Bryan reported a physical problem, even if it was not specified which part of his body, during the Anarchy in the Arena match, a chaotic meeting held at the PPV Double or Nothing and which saw the victory of the Jericho Appreciation Society.

The American Dragon will therefore not be able to participate in the Battle Royal scheduled for next week of Dynamite and sanctioned to decree the challenger of Jon Moxley on the same evening.

Latest update on Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson's very short recovery times are a godsend for AEW, who are currently not in good water when it comes to the availability of their athletes.

TNT Champion Scorpio Sky was also injured and both Jeff Hardy and Adam Cole were ousted from the last installment of Dynamite as a precautionary measure for their health. The Charismatic Enigma had come out of Double or Nothing in a rather battered way, bringing with it the physical problems that emerged a few weeks ago in the match with Darby Allin.

In any case, we will see how the Forbidden Door card will be built in the coming days, an event organized in collaboration with New Japan Pro Wrestling. There are many who want to see a match between Bryan Danielson and Okada, but barring last-minute revolutions, the Rainmaker should face former AEW World Champion Adam Page.

Of course, Bryan Danielson had a memorable career in Vince McMahon's company as Daniel Bryan. Despite that, after his WWE contract was over, he opted to join Tony Khan's promotion because of his love for independent wrestling.

"Yeah, so. I mean, the idea. I've always loved wrestling in other places. I love being an independent wrestler. Yeah realistically, when I signed with WWE, it was mostly because I was like 'oh I'm not sure how much my health can sustain this independent wrestling.'

So it was, it was kind of like, I didn't look at it as cashing out, but you know, here's my opportunity to kind of pay off my house or do whatever it is."