Dynamite: Kris Statlander put out a great performance

Kris Statlander put in a fantastic performance in this match

by Simone Brugnoli
Dynamite: Kris Statlander put out a great performance

Welcome to the second part of the Dynamite report. In the ring, we see Trent Barretta, disappointed with the result of the match against the FTR. Precisely for this reason, he invites the current ROH duo champions to step into the ring and give him another title chance.

Cash and Dax are keen to grant Trent and his partner in Japan a rematch, but before they can finish the sentence they are introduced to the music of United Empire, an NJPW stable led by Will Osprey! The British athlete enters the stage, to the amazement of the public, while in the ring his teammates attack FTR and Trent from behind.

To make matters worse, Osprey takes care of it, and knocks Trent out with the powerful Hidden Blade, a devastating elbow that has given him numerous victories in the past. Well-fought match between the former world champion and Fit Finlay's son.

The winner is Adam Page with the Buckshot Lariat but Adam Cole, who in the meantime had joined the commentary table to attend the match, does not seem impressed by what happened. Page takes the microphone and complains that he didn't have a rematch for the AEW World Championship, but he still wants to compete for another world title: that of New Japan!

"Hangman" then challenges current IWGP Heavyweight Champion Okada for a titled match at Forbidden Door. Kris Statlander put in a fantastic performance in this match. Red Velvet tried to charge at Statlander during her entrance, but she ate a powerslam for her troubles.

Kris Statlander def. Red Velvet

Kris Statlander went for a crossbody after this but missed, and this was the opening Red Velvet needed. Velvet went right to work on Statlander's knee. Adam Cole interrupts his promo and reminds him that the next champion could very well be his close friend Jay White, who will be taking on Okada this Sunday at Dominion.

Tony Schiavone interviews Wardlow in the ring. The former ally of MJF explains that he asked Tony Khan not to include him in the battle royale out of respect for Punk. He wishes the Chicago wrestler a speedy recovery and warns him that he will be ready to challenge him for the title when he is 100% back in the ring.

Meanwhile, his focus is on the TNT Championship, held by Scorpio Sky. Defending champion Dan Lambert and Ethan Page show up on the ramp, trying to calm Scorpio Sky down. Backstage Mark Sterling forces Wardlow to accept a stipulation for next week: to face 20 security guards in a match. If he does not accept, he will wait for him.

Kris Statlander