Dynamite: Will Ospreay is raising his bar

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Dynamite: Will Ospreay is raising his bar

Welcome to the third and final part of the Dynamite report. An episode that, until now, has given great emotions and surprises. Backstage the Young Bucks claim they want the tag team titles back, but are promptly interrupted by the Hardy Boys.

Matt reminds him that he has defeated them not once, but twice, and therefore to be the first challengers to the current champions. It was enough to name them, and here they are! Christian Cage arrives backstage, accompanied by the Jurassic Express, and launches a challenge for the next episode of Dynamite: a three-way Ladder Match, valid for the couple titles.

The challengers accept and the match is made official. Not a particularly dynamic match, but equally fought between the reigning champion and the former MMA athlete. Thunder Rosa wins, by playing cunningly, with a roll up. Marina does not accept defeat and hits her behind her, interrupting her celebrations.

To the rescue of Thunder Rosa, however, Toni Storm arrives, who knocks Marina out with a suplex. Will Ospreay and Dax Harwood started the match for their respective teams. Ospreay forced Harwood back into a corner and hit a chop.

Will Ospreay did his best

Will Ospreay tagged back in and chopped Trent into the corner. Trent hit back with a tornado DDT, forcing Ospreay out to ringside. FTR sent Aussie Open packing to join their leader. Trent hit a moonsault out to ringside, wiping out Ospreay, but may have hurt his ankle on the way down.

The Australian-born fighter takes the belt and returns it to the champion as a sign of respect, but making her intentions clear to her. A titled challenge between the two is coming? Backstage Stokey Hathaway, who has become Jade Cargill's manager at Double or Nothing, praises champion and apostrophe Kris Statlander, explaining that at Rampage he won't be able to beat Red Velvet.

A five-star main event, worthy of a PPV, in which the two gave themselves for a good reason. The winner is Moxley after hitting Kyle with a knee in full Regal Style and after knocking him out with the Paradigm Shift, a maneuver that had made him a champion in the past.

It will therefore be he who will face the winner between Tanahashi and Goito at the Forbidden Door in a match valid for the interim AEW World Championship! On the images of a victorious Moxley and the praise of Regal and Jim Ross at the comment table, another, great, episode of Dynamite closes!