Update: AEW introduces a new belt

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Update: AEW introduces a new belt

There have been rumors for some time about the introduction of new AEW belts, but few would have thought of yet another secondary title. In last night's episode of Dynamite, the All-Atlantic Championship was officially announced, a title created to represent fans who watch the Company in over 130 countries around the world.

The first champion will be crowned on June 26 at Forbidden Door, PPV born from the collaboration with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, in a Fatal 4 Way Match. This week, PAC defeated Buddy Matthews, advancing to the tournament. In the next few days Ethan Page and Miro, Penta Oscuro and Malakai Black, and two athletes from the Japanese federation will compete.

Athletes are chosen, therefore, due to the different nationalities: PAC (United Kingdom), Miro (Bulgaria), Ethan Page (Canada), Buddy Matthews (Australia), Penta Oscuro (Mexico), Malakai Black (Holland) and the two of the New Japan.

AEW has a big surprise

The relationship between WWE and AEW is not exactly cordial, with both taking shots at each other over the years. The two companies operate on widely different tangents, with the former focused on sports entertainment and the latter taking up more of a wrestling-oriented approach.

Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho were also present in the promotional video that announced the title, a sign that even the top names of the company will be competing. The news of the new belt has been positively received by fans on social media, who have long been criticizing the too large size of the company's roster.

The All Atlantic Championship will then join the TNT Championship, currently held by Scorpio Sky, in the bracket of secondary titles. Cena has been the face of WWE for many years and is in many ways the most popular wrestler in the business.

A match versus MJF would set the wrestling world on fire. IMAGINE the promos the two men could deliver, especially if The Champ doesn't have PG restrictions holding him back. Cena versus MJF would be a match for the ages and would deliver on the microphone as well as in the ring.

After WrestleMania 35 was done and dusted with, Dustin Rhodes, formerly known as Goldust in WWE, requested his release from the company. The same was granted and he headed to AEW to reunite with his brother, Cody Rhodes. Reports suggested that Mr. McMahon didn't want to grant Rhodes his release, but Triple H convinced him to do so.