*Spoiler* Ruby Soho is unstoppable

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*Spoiler* Ruby Soho is unstoppable

AEW Women's World Championship: Pink Thunder vs “The Problem” Marina Shafir. Not a particularly dynamic match, but equally fought between the reigning champion and the former MMA athlete. Thunder Rosa won, playing cunning, with a roll-up.

Marina does not accept defeat and hits her from behind, interrupting her celebrations. To the rescue of Thunder Rosa, however, Toni Storm arrives, who knocks Marina out with a suplex. The Australian-born fighter takes the belt and returns it to the champion as a sign of respect, but making her intentions clear to her.

A titled challenge between the two is coming? Backstage Stokey Hathaway, who has become Jade Cargill's manager on Double or Nothing, praises champion and apostrophe Kris Statlander, explaining that at Rampage she won't be able to beat Red Velvet.

Heidi Howitzer showed her power in the early portion of the match. Ruby Soho tried to make a comeback with some kicks, but Howitzer stopped the STO. She whipped Soho into the corner and hit a clothesline for a one-count.

Ruby Soho def.

Heidi Howitzer

In the closing stages of the match, Ruby Soho dodged the Cutter from Howitzer and hit a neckbreaker. She got the victory after she hit the Destination Unknown. Jon Moxley vs Kyle O'Reilly. A five-star main event, worthy of a PPV, in which the two gave themselves for a good reason.

The winner is Moxley after hitting Kyle with a knee in full Regal Style and after knocking him out with the Paradigm Shift, a maneuver that had made him a champion in the past. It will therefore be he who will face the winner between Tanahashi and Goito at the Forbidden Door in a match valid for the interim AEW World Championship!

On the images of a victorious Moxley and the praise of Regal and Jim Ross at the comment table, another, great, episode of Dynamite closes! The RAW superstar commented on various things in a recent episode of 102.5 ‘The Bone‘.

Further, Becky Lynch talked about Triple H‘s influence on the women’s division and a comparison between how they treat women treated in WWE and AEW. “First of all, Triple H never treated us like we were any different than the guys.

Always made sure we were represented on NXT with great stories, with time, with opportunity,” said the former RAW champion. The debate about the management in WWE and AEW has been among the wrestling fandom for a while. Although WWE tops the other in many areas, both entertainments succeed in providing what the audience needs.