*Spoiler* Chris Jericho still makes a difference

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*Spoiler* Chris Jericho still makes a difference

Welcome to a special episode of Dynamite called "Road Rager": many top matches scheduled, many of which changed following the arrest of Jeff Hardy, for an evening that promises sparks. Buckle up and enjoy the report with us!

Hair vs Hair Match: Chris Jericho vs Ortiz. The episode opens with a match between the leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society and his former ally, Ortiz. After what happened in recent weeks, the rivalry of the two has become so personal that their respective hair is up for grabs.

The Canadian wins thanks to the surprise interference of Fuego Del Sol who hits Ortiz in the face with a baseball bat. At the end of the match, the masked fighter reveals his true identity: it is Sammy Guevara, who therefore returns to the ranks of the bad guys together with Jericho and his companions.

Ortiz keeps his word and starts cutting his hair, while Jericho's stable laughs with satisfaction outside the ring. During the "extreme" gesture, Ortiz continues to shout three words: Blood & Guts, alluding to the match to be held in the episode of June 29 in Detroit.

20 on 1 Handicap Match. Despite the disparity in numbers, Wardlow easily knocks out 20 bodyguards of Mark Sterling's choice. He then turns his attention to Dan Lambert and TNT Champion Scorpio Sky, who find themselves in a Sky Box away from the ring along with UFC's Matt Hughes and Tyrone Woodley.

Chris Jericho is still influential

For some time, fans watched as Fuego Del Sol cost Ortiz his Hair vs. Hair clash against Chris Jericho. However, the luchador was revealed to be Sammy Guevara, who rejoined his mentor in the Jericho Appreciation Society.

The two are invited by Lambert to knock out Wardlow, but they decide to beat a retreat by sending Sterling in advance, who ends up being the victim of a powerbomb. Will Osprey vs Dax Harwood. Five-star match between the United Empire leader and the Ring of Honor duo champion.

The winner is Osprey with the Hidden Balde, a powerful elbow in the face which has now become a deadly maneuver in his repertoire. At the end of the match, the remaining members of the United Empire enter the ring, but Cash Wheeler and the Roppongi Vice arrive to Dax's aid.

Attention! The music of Orange Cassidy resounds, long out of the scene, who without saying a word goes hard with Osprey. The two will clash at the Forbidden Door!