Latest update on Andrade El Idolo's status

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Latest update on Andrade El Idolo's status

As we have already reported, Andrade El Idolo had tweeted to express his disappointment that he will not be able to participate in the event between AEW and NJPW, Forbidden Door, since he works for AAA and together with him the Luchas will also be absent.

Brothers. The luchador, however, wanted to further address the subject in an exclusive interview with Hugo Savinovich for Lucha Libre Online, translated from Spanish to English by the journalist Luis Pulido of Fightful and which we report in Italian.

Backstage news on Andrade El Idolo

“My problem isn't with AEW, because they had an idea for me to face Will Ospreay. He's a great wrestler, but that was the original idea for the (IWPG) US Championship. The idea was also to go to Japan for a week or two and come back to this event (Forbidden Door).

A week went by and then I was informed that I couldn't work on the show because the Mexican wrestlers who work with AAA couldn't work with NJPW. It was weird for me, because a lot of fighters from many nationalities work with NJ and AAA, like Kenny (Omega) and the Young Bucks, so it was weird.

I don't understand what the reasoning is, but it really bothers me as I was excited, but the Mexican people who work with AAA couldn't work with New Japan. I think Penta and Fenix ​​can't work on the show, but that's what I know.

It's frustrating as RUSH and I helped elevate Los Ingobernables, but I know of the partnership between CMLL and NJPW. I understand that the AAA had opened the doors to solve the problems, but they have not been solved."

When the reporter then asked him why he was caught in this feud between AAA and CML, Andrade El Idolo replied: "I wonder the same thing. I don't have a contract with AAA, but my problem is that I love wrestling. in Mexico, but I also love wrestling in Japan.

I was scheduled for TripleMania Tijuana, but it didn't happen. AAA never canceled my booking for the show so I could go to Japan. Another thing was that last year, I had a contract interview with the AAA for this year, but I was not contacted again.

The AAA told me I can work anywhere, but my exclusivity is with the AEW, no one else. If New Japan needs my services, my doors are open. The AAA and I talked last year about a 2022 contract to prioritize wrestling in Mexico for the AAA.

I was not given a contract for AAA, but I was scheduled for three TripleMania, but they never canceled dates or told me I wasn't needed for the shows. If I had known the repercussions, I would not have worked with AAA to work with NJPW.

I have no problem with Konnan, I know he would do anything for the company, and I'm grateful to AAA and Konnan, but that's my only problem."