Ethan Page Praises a Top Heel in AEW

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Ethan Page Praises a Top Heel in AEW

Ethan Page is one of AEW’s most popular stars and he spoke about a top heel in AEW. Ethan Page is extremely well-known for his promo skills as well. However, promos that are delivered by Dan Lambert are usually very savage and his in-ring ability is also quite good.

Ethan Page Speaks About Dan Lambert and His Promo Skills

Lambert is currently the mouthpiece for American Top Team. His recent promos very extremely noteworthy as his insults were extremely creative. So one must wonder, are the AEW fans actually starting to welcome these insults? He spoke about this on ‘Insight With Chris Van Vliet’.

He praised Lambert for his work and the notoriety that he has brought to Page and to Scorpio Sky. “Honestly, the amount of people that he’s had us brush shoulders with and share the ring with, his connections, the heat that he gets from the crowd, [it’s incredible],” Page commented.

According to Page, the AEW fans in attendance actually look forward to seeing the American Top Team trash talk every week. Page stated that their ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression in a short amount of time. “I’m noticing lately, people are turning the corner on Dynamite Dan and I think it’s because they understand the fact that he is a world-class entertainer, he’s a performer.

He is knocking it out of the park every single week. Us as a unit, I don’t think there’s ever been a time where we’ve been on screen and people have been like, ‘Well, that kind of stinked’… I’ve been noticing that we’re on television every single week and people don’t ever remember the length of it, they just remember that they got to see us”.

Ethan Page noted that he himself emphasizes obscene words that will immediately capture the attention of fans. “So, I am all about wordplay, things that sound good when they come out of my mouth, shock value. Like, ‘Did this guy really just say that?’ To stand out, to be different, and my social media has always been like, oh, what’s going to get a laugh? What’s going to get a like? What’s going to get some interaction? And I’ve always been a silly dude, and I thought, okay, why do females only get to say the word tits? So I was like, ‘I got tits too and they’re the tightest in the game!’. "