Bryan Danielson’s Forbidden Door Status

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Bryan Danielson’s Forbidden Door Status

Bryan Danielson is one of AEW’s top superstars, and he recently spoke about his status for the Forbidden Door Pay-Per-View. According to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio, stated that Bryan was not cleared to compete last Wednesday.

Bryan Danielson May Not Be Cleared In Time to Wrestle At Forbidden Door

He is currently a member of the Blackpool Combat Club, and the last time we saw him in the ring was during the Anarchy In The Arena match at AEW Double or Nothing.

Originally, it was reported he would only be out for one to two weeks. Bryan might face Zack Sabre Jr. at The Forbidden Door according to a series of teases. According to reports, the match between the two men had been planned a long time before the event.

The match can only happen if Bryan is cleared to wrestle before the event. AEW has not so far revealed what type of injury Bryan suffered during the Double or Nothing event. At the NJPW Dominion event, Sabre Jr. called out Bryan.

The Forbidden Door event will actually be a cross-promotion event that is created a huge buzz in the wrestling world. “Oh, I’m talking about useless pricks, I’ve got a bone to pick with you guys,” said Sabre Jr.

“Last week, after Budokan, I was trying to be nice and subtle. I hummed the theme to ‘Final Countdown’ very beautifully. But I changed the lyrics. ‘Are we heading to Venus’, but I changed it to, ‘Are we heading to Chicago?’ You bastards edited it out, didn’t you? So no more time for subtlety.

American Dragon, can you take some time out of your busy golfing schedule, the Blackpool Country Club, to find out who the best technical wrestler in the world is. I’ll tell you now, darling. It’s fu—ing me”.

He called Bryan out even though Bryan hasn’t really been cleared to compete yet. Sabre Jr. was also mentioned at ‘AEW Rampage’. William Regal was the one that mentioned Sabre Jr. during commentary. Still, no official match has been announced.

Bryan Danielson was known as Daniel Bryan in the WWE. He is a former WWE Champion and received a huge push from the WWE. He was regularly part of major WWE storylines. Bryan has not revealed the exact reason why he decided to join AEW. Unlike many WWE Superstars, Bryan did not say that he left the WWE because the promotion didn’t treat him well.