William Regal Speaks About His Relationship with Vince McMahon

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William Regal Speaks About His Relationship with Vince McMahon

William Regal is one of Briton’s best wrestlers of all time, and he recently spoke about his relationship with Vince McMahon. William was known mostly for his work at WCW, before he joined the WWE when the company folded.

He is now a member of All Elite Wrestling. Before that, William was NXT’s General Manager. He was responsible for most of the storylines at NXT and also mentored a lot of the younger talent in that promotion.

William Regal States that There Are No Hard Feelings Between Him And Vince

He was present on the Gentleman Villain podcast, where he spoke about WWE releasing him in January.

The WWE has released a number of their popular superstar over the past several months as they aim to reduce their expenses. Even though William was released, he stated that his relationship with Vince McMahon hasn’t changed and he has always been easy to work with.

“I’ve always known he’s my boss, so I have never got too friendly with him because I knew … one day, he might want to fire me. I’ve had an incredible, always polite, great working relationship with him,” he said.

“Whatever I did or however I felt in WCW, it had gone by the time I got to WWE, and I was never that way inclined, to be honest, but it was just a, ‘What do you need? Yes,’ and I am happy”. According to William, he could have a laugh and joke around with Vince, even though Vince was his boss.

However, he also mentioned that there were times when Vince required everyone to be serious and complete the task at hand. William is currently part of the Blackpool Combat Club, and he continued to maintain that there are ‘no hard feeling there because that’s business’.

He also stayed that he will always have a certain amount of loyalty towards Vince McMahon as without him he ‘would have died in 1999’. “So, I owe him my life. When I had my neck surgery, he might not have even known but it was his company that paid me to get the best surgeon, the only surgeon in the world who could do the surgery that I needed,” he said.

William Regal is regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers to ever wrestle in the WWE. He could never reach the top of the company, however, he was involved in some important storylines during his career.