Will Ospreay delighted one fan with his action

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Will Ospreay delighted one fan with his action

Will Ospreay has shown his wrestling qualities in the ring many times, but this time he also showed that he is a great man. Namely, one Twitter user decided to share a story where Ospreay and several other people helped him in one situation.

But that's not the end, Ospreay was determined to set aside his time and talk to him and show how great a man he is. “After driving nearly an hour and a 1/2 to the North side of Chicago on a Friday, dealing with brutal Chicago weekend traffic in the heat with no place to park or move because every sidewalk and street is just packed with people… Will is probably one of the best pro wrestlers if not human beings I’ve ever had an interaction with,” the fan writes in his tweet, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“Because I couldn’t physically deploy my ramp to get out of my van, him and the amazing Warrior Wrestling staff were kind enough to just meet me outside in the parking lot and talk for like 30 minutes and just shoot the sh*t about life and wrestling.

He was even kind enough to get in my van so I could take a picture with him and signed a poster and my AEW Chicago hat.

Forbidden door

The topic was Forbidden Door and the next fights that await him. If every wrestler acted like this, surely the world would be a nicer place.

Will Ospreay has shown that a little means a lot to someone. “Plus we talked about the FORBIDDEN DOOR and how he is personally going to kick the sh*t out of Orange Cassidy for me (praise hands emoji). Will & the entire Warrior Wrestling staff made everything about this day and experience worth it for both Ezra and me.

Thank you guys so much. Forever grateful and God bless”. The 29-year-old Will Ospreay while being a part of the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) has also made notable appearances for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2022.