Eddie Kingston Responds to Being Body Shamed

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Eddie Kingston Responds to Being Body Shamed

Eddie Kingston recently responded to body shaming on the ‘MackMania podcast’. Eddie and Adam Cole recently received a lot of criticism over their body size. Eddie spoke about this as he had to deal with being body-shamed multiple times during his career.

Eddie grew up in the era of Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch who were not known for their impressive physiques. In fact, they didn’t have a good body size at all. According to Eddie, those legendary wrestlers would get body-shamed in today’s wrestling world.

Eddie called people who body-shamed others ‘evil, disgusting human beings.’

Eddie Kingston Calls People that Body Shame Disgusting and Evil

“My whole career I’ve been hearing it and look, you have to work out to be a pro wrestler,” said Eddie Kingston.

“You have to have good cardio. Cardio’s the main thing and yeah, you hear it your whole life, you gotta look the part and all that. There was a shift where, you know, you had to be a muscle guy. There was a shift in the business and you know, when you have that so much, people get sick of it and then, you know, you have to do different things.

I grew up on guys that looked tough. There was some muscle guys but there were also guys like Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes and those guys, you know what I mean? That you — if you wanna body shame and knock anyone nowadays, would you knock them?… Guys like that who look like dudes that they would fight you and then came the bodybuilder era and a lot of those bodybuilders couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

Let’s be honest about it, you know? But yeah, you do have to be an athlete to be in this and you do have to cardio and workout and body shaming stuff? My man here’s my thing, if you don’t like it, don’t watch.

If you wanna rip on someone or knock on somebody, okay man, I feel bad for you because that’s what gets your rocks off, you’re an evil, disgusting human being. That’s all it is and I hope you never have somebody rip on you like that, you know what I mean? Because you’re a weak person so you’ll probably break down. But anyway, that’s me taking shots”.