Freddie Prinze Jr. Speaks About CM Punk and MJF Feud

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Freddie Prinze Jr. Speaks About CM Punk and MJF Feud
Freddie Prinze Jr. Speaks About CM Punk and MJF Feud (Provided by Wrestling World)

Freddie Prinze Jr. is an important part of the WWE Creative Team, and he spoke about the CM Punk and MJF Feud. AEW has so far delivered many memorable storylines. However, CM Punk and MJF’s storyline is regarded by many as one of the best storylines of all time.

On ‘Wrestling with Freddie’, Freddie spoke about the storyline that has so far worked the best for AEW.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Says CM Punk/MJF Feud Was Extremely Good for AEW

“I do give AEW credit for the best wrestling story in over a decade with the MJF and CM Punk storyline,” Prinze Jr.

said. “Which, if you haven’t seen it, I’m sure someone edited it together on YouTube, if not, AEW themselves and their social media and YouTube group, they cut together some pretty awesome stuff”. The feud started in 2021.

On the very first Dynamite of this year, CM Punk got MJF disqualified after he hit the GTS on Shawn Dean. So MJF started the year with a 0-1 record. The first singles match that he lost was at All Out 2021 against Chris Jericho.

Punk and MJF fought on the 2nd edition of AEW Dynamite in February. MJF managed to beat CM Punk that night after wrestling for nearly 40 minutes. However, the feud didn’t end. They trash talked each other during a few other segments.

During one of the segments, CM Punk was busted open by MJF and the Pinnacle. During that segment, MJF was also wearing a shirt with a picture of him with CM Punk when MJF was a young child. CM Punk met MJF in a Dog Collar Match at Revolution 2022.

This was the second match in AEW’s history that involved this stipulation. The only other Dog Collar Match that AEW has held was when Cody Rhodes fought Brodie Lee. Rhodes beat Lee that night to win the TNT Title. Punk defeated MJF at Revolution 2022.

Wardlow had a huge hand in helping Punk win as Wardlow handed Punk MJF’s ring to him that helped Punk win as Punk hit MJF with that ring for the pin. MJF has not appeared on AEW TV ever since he cut his pipe bomb promo on the 1st AEW Dynamite held in June.

This is either because what he said during the promo was true or this is part of AEW’s storyline of some kind.

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