Lio Rush Speaks Opens Up About Whether He will Return to WWE

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Lio Rush Speaks Opens Up About Whether He will Return to WWE

Lio Rush, was at one time, a very well-known WWE wrestler. He was also a very controversial figure in the WWE and he was released in 2020 by the company after a series of controversies. He recently stated that he doesn’t “rule anything out” when asked about whether he will return to the WWE or not if called.

He stated that when he was on Wrestling Inc. Lio stated that he was never signed by any wrestling promotion before he was signed by the WWE. So it was a brand new experience for him. He thought that everything at that time was typical.

He also mentioned that he thought he would be stressed due to the schedule at that time.

Lio Rush Speaks About Being Open to Returning to The WWE

He started his WWE career in 2017. He was at the time the manager of Bobby Lashley.

He also wrestled on WWE 205 Live and WWE NXT. Over there, he won the NXT Cruiserweight Title. “I thought these things were normal … I am grateful for my experience there. I don’t have the same path or the same lane or direction within the company as someone else,” he said.

“It’s hard to even focus on that when you have a schedule as busy as WWE. You don’t even notice it, you’re so focused on yourself”. Lio was released in April 2020. He was released as part of their COVID 19 budget cuts and many people actually thought he was released due to controversies.

His issues with Mark Henry and Finn Balor were quite public. “I think situations change, I think values and stocks rise. I think people like money; I think people like to make money and that’s what it ultimately comes down to when it comes to business.

So no, I don’t rule anything out,” he said. Lio appeared at All Elite Wrestling at Double or Nothing 2021. He was the joker during that match and he did not appear for AEW after that. He then revealed that he was retired from professional wrestling.

Even though he said that, he signed with AEW in September. His AEW contract expired in January 2022 but AEW did not re-sign him. Lio Rush actually stated publicly that Tony Khan should apologize to Big Swole for not re-signing and also Tony’s comments about her online.

He did have a few nice things to say about AEW as he stated that the promotion does allow its wrestlers to be freer than the WWE. “Still in arenas, still traveling the world, still having a wrestling fanbase, it all starts to look the same after a while,” Rush said.

“Nothing too major other than that kind of freeness in the air, that was very palpable and you could feel that difference in the air for sure”.