AEW: Cesaro made a shocking appearance

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AEW: Cesaro made a shocking appearance

During the night, All Elite Wrestling staged its latest PPV dedicated to the famous Forbidden Door, or the "forbidden door" opened by several companies, which go to exchange athletes, which generally in the world of pro-wrestling does not happen, especially among big companies like WWE.

That idea seemed to have sprung up for AEW after seeing Mickie James appear with the title of IMPACT Wrestling Knockout in the WWE Royal Rumble rings, with such a fact that it had sparked controversy but also fan interest for weeks.

After seeing this interest, the AEW would have made an agreement with the Japanese NJPW, to stage a ppv with both Superstars of the two federations, with mixed matches between AEW athletes and NJPW athletes, who entertained the American evening.

of the pro-wrestling world. Among the many absent due to injury, in recent weeks the name of Bryan Danielson had also returned, scheduled for a match against Zack Saber Jr, with the former WWE Champion having to leave his post vacant, with a new member of the Blackpool Combat Club, which has come to replace him.

WWE RAW Superstar Becky Lynch was ecstatic to see Cesaro, now going by his real name Claudio Castagnoli, back in the ring when he debuted in AEW. It had been in the air for a few hours already, but in the end, the official announcement only arrived tonight, when the former WWE Cesaro arrived in front of Zack Saber Jr, one of the most technical athletes in the world, returned to be called Claudio Castagnoli, who after having reached the agreement of consensual separation from the WWE, had remained stationary for a few months, waiting for some big call from some important company.

Cesaro made his AEW debut

After weeks off, then, Claudio then appeared as the new AEW athlete, putting on a great match, which sent the fans of the company in high spirits, having started with a bang in the ring. In the end it was the Swiss who won, confirming his entry into William Regal's stable, the Blackpool Comabt Club, to the delight of his fans, who now know where to see him perform.

He and WWE couldn't agree on a new contract, which is reportedly one of the main reasons why he left after spending 11 years in the company. ''Cesaro’s (Claudio Castagnoli, 41) contract has expired as of this week.

The two sides were in talks on a new deal but couldn’t come to terms. Given the huge money they’ve offered others whose deals have been up (Zayn, Owens and Styles) it would indicate he did not get that level of an offer,'' said Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer.