*Spoiler* PAC won a prestigious title

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*Spoiler* PAC won a prestigious title

Last night, All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling staged their first historical combined PPV, with athletes from both companies, who staged the most disparate matches, who sent fans of the America's number two company really high.

The surprises were really many, with the biggest one probably being the arrival of Claudio Castagnoli in the ring against Zack Sabre Jr, the designated opponent for the injured Daniel Bryan. The wrestler, formerly known as Cesaro in the WWE thus made his debut successfully, winning his match, against the English athlete loaned by the NJPW, leaving AEW fans very happy to see the Swiss again in a very important ring, after his departure from WWE.

Moreover, the AEW wrote another small chapter in its history, when it went to crown its first All Atlantic Champion, with a Fatal 4 Way, which went to close a mini tournament decreed by the company's management. In fact, all the athletes of the most disparate nationalities of the AEW took part in this tournament, from Miro to Malakai Black, Clark Connors and PAC.

The wrestlers: PAC, Miro, Malakai Black and Clark Connors, competing for the brand new AEW title on the night of the Forbidden Door, in a Fatal 4 Way made up of 3/4 former WWE athletes, with the winner being was just one of them.

PAC won a huge title

After a very close contest, PAC managed to hit Malakai first with his formidable 450 Splash and then he managed to make Connors surrender with his devastating submission finisher, making every type of attack of the brutal Miro vain, which was one of the most popular candidates of the evening.

Once again, PAC and AEW make history, with a brand new champion just crowned, who will carry on the particular storylines of this championship, which will always be up for grabs against an athlete of different origin, from Mexico, to the United States, passing through for England and Brazil.

It's being reported that Tony Khan wants Sting to be a regular television character, something that WWE was not keen on doing during the veteran's time in the company. Sting will, however, be protected, and he is not expected to take any bumps.

Sting was forced to retire from in-ring competition following his WWE title match against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015. Sting's spinal stenosis and recurring neck issues effectively ended his in-ring career; however, he was still interested in one WWE match.